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Reliant Health Care Provides Occupational Therapy Health Home Care Services


Occupational therapy is a form of therapy specifically designed for individuals who are recuperating from physical or mental illness. Occupational therapy encourages maximum levels of rehabilitation for individuals who have been affected by a particular illness. Rehabilitation occurs through the performance of activities that are a regular part of daily life, with guidance and encouragement from an occupational therapist. The assistance provided by occupational therapists is specialized and focuses on helping the affected individual lead a more productive, independent and satisfying life.


Reliant Health Care Occupational Therapists provide health home care services to help patients regain these daily living skills. Reliant Health Care occupational therapy health home care services include fine motor, cognitive, perceptual and sensory tasks. Through consistent use of Reliant Health Care occupational therapy health home care services, seniors can restore skills and regain independence, improving their overall quality of life along with their physical and mental health.


At Reliant Health Care, we take pride in helping seniors and other individuals achieve their personal goals in developing, recovering, or maintaining independence in completing the tasks of daily living. Through our health home care services, our occupational therapists work to identify and eliminate barriers to full participation in the activities of daily life thereby fostering independence. As part of our services, we help the individual adapt to their environment and modify how a task is completed so the individual can have success in completing the tasks that are most important to them.