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Reliant Home Health Care Agency provides quality home health care speech therapy services.


Speech therapy is designed to treat and support individuals who have difficulties with communicating eating, drinking or swallowing. For seniors and other adults, speech therapy services typically consist of working with the affected individual to help them relearn skills like swallowing, forming words and other communication skills when these skills have been diminished due to age, illness, hearing impairment or disability.


Reliant Home Health Care Agency provides speech therapy home health care services to help patients regain their ability to produce and understand speech. The Reliant Home Health Care Agency speech therapists work with seniors who have lost ability to communicate to find ways to improve and facilitate communication skills.  Reliant Home Health Care Agency speech therapists can also help manage swallowing disorders.


At Reliant Home Health Care Agency, we take pride in helping seniors and other individuals achieve their personal goals in developing, recovering, or maintaining the ability to communicate effectively. Through our speech therapy services, we work to identify and eliminate barriers to communication and to other tasks that have been impacted by speech or swallowing impediments. As part of our services, we help the individual adapt to new circumstances so he or she can have success in communicating with those around them.