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Payment Options

Reliant Home Health accepts Medicare, some Commercial Insurances, and Private Pay. All Commercial plans are subject to pre-authorization.

Contact Us for more details on accepted insurers.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare supports Home Health services by reimbursing care providers for 100% of eligible services and supplies.  This means that for most Medicare insured patients there is no out of pocket expense, no deductibles and no lifetime maximums.  A Medicare Home Health “episode” is for 60-days and Medicare allows for multiple episodes if the patient’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) authorizes recertification.  For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Medicare see our FAQ.

List of services covered

Commercial Insurance Coverage

Each Commercial Insurance company sells multiple types of health insurance plans.  When commercial health insurance is the source of payment a Reliant intake specialist will work with you to understand what is covered by your plan and if you will be responsible for co-payments or if there are any care limits.  All Commercial Insurance must be pre-authorized by the patient’s health insurance provider prior to scheduling services.  For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Commercial Insurance see our FAQ.

To learn more about what commercial insurances are accepted please contact your local office.

Private Pay Coverage

Patient’s always have the opportunity to pay for home health care directly out of pocket.  For an estimate of service costs please contact your local office.  For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Private Pay services see our FAQ.